To improve value based education to the students to prepare them to handle their responsibilities
To guide the students in realizing and enhancing their innate potential to shape their own destinies.


To provide every opportunity to students to develop intellectually physically and culturally
To utilize the latest facility to prepare the students to face challenges of their carrier


Shri R S Hosur(president)

Shri R S Hosur is the Founder of Shri Channabasaveshwar Education society, Navanagar Hubli, His life and teaching set an example for the student to emulate. The society was founded in 1987. The society aims imparting sound and liberal education in field of education. The cardial desire of the society is to develop the whole personality of young people with spirit of dedication for service.

Smt S R Hosur(vice president)

Smt S R Hosur is the supporting hand in foundation of Shri Channabasaveshwar Education society, Navanagar Hubli, she is been in every situation and her suport and role is maximum for the current situation of the society.